Brunch is served

We’ve re-introduced brunch on Sundays from 10-11am for those of you who fancy a bit of a relaxed (aka lazy) Sunday morning. We’ve added a twist to the menu and we’re offering free refills of American coffee and breakfast teas.

The Garden

Unfortunately, our garden has suffered a little bit this season. During lockdown, with our staff furloughed, it didn’t get the attention it needed – although naturally, we still took special care of our animals.

We’ve now redesigned the whole space and, with autumn being a good time to sow grass seed and put in bare-rooted trees and perennials, we’re closing on a Monday and Tuesday during the rest of October and November, to focus on preparing the gardens. We will be open 7 days a week again from December in time for the holiday season. As for the garden, we’ll be moving some of our animals, including our new pot-bellied pigs, into the far end of the garden, next to the path, where they’ll be easier for our younger guests to see. The far corner of this area will become a small community allotment. We’ll be planting a mixture of brightly-coloured annuals and perennials in the middle of the garden along the ‘Bridal Walkway’ and the rest of the space will be used for growing produce for the kitchen. It will be split between a kitchen garden, as it was before, where we’ll be growing vegetables, herbs and soft fruit, and an orchard. Our asparagus bed is nearly 2 years old now, so will be ready for cropping next year. The orchard will have a great mixture of fruits which, of course, will eventually feature on our desert menu.

Autumn 2020

A few updates……

As you can see from the homepage, we’ve now moved to our Autumn menu. There are lots of exciting dishes on there, prepared by our accomplished new Head Chef.

Again, as you can read on the homepage, and as you will know if you’ve visited us in the last 3 months, safety has been our priority during this difficult time. Over the summer, we moved the kitchen outdoors and we were able to use our outside space to provide a safe, inviting and attractive area for our guests. We put up a tipi, which proved incredibly popular and which we hope will be returning next spring, as well as sail coverings, to offer protection from sun and the odd summer shower.

With the summer coming to rather an abrupt end, we moved our kitchen back indoors a few weeks ago. In order to maintain the same amount of social distancing we were providing during the summer, we’ve put up a marquee at the rear of the building. This will allow us to maintain our existing capacity, whilst keeping all of our guests safe. We’ve decorated it tastefully (we think!) and in keeping with the rest of the pub. We’ve already used it for a wedding (naturally in accordance with the new regulations) and received great feedback from the bride & groom!

As the nights are drawing in, we’ve started our ever-popular roasts again on Sundays. To cope with demand, we’re extending our Sunday opening hours up until 10pm, with the kitchen open for food until 8pm. This will give our guests an extra couple of hours to enjoy a roast or some our of other fabulous dishes.

And, of course, there’s a menu for the little ones….

Festive Season

Festive Menus are available now. Christmas Day is sold out, but you can still book the Christmas Festive menu throughout December.

We’re also taking bookings for our special New Year’s Eve menu . What better way to see in the new year?

The Freston Boot is open!

Maaaan. I really wanted to open when we had everything totally ready to be shown off. But hey ho, it’s still a little building site-y. What canya do? So WE’RE OPEN! A few finishing touches outside – paving, a sign…… and we’re done/ The comments back so far have been incredible – all the staff have been so behind The Boot and we already have frequently returning customers. Sheep (2 Hebridean ewes and an Icelandic ram) are well at home in the wedding paddock and are saving me lawnmower petrol already. Grippe the raven has had a few adventures but is flying really well. And returning (most of the time). Chickens and ducks are all laying eggs like crazy and the scotch eggs they’re contributing to are super popular on the bar. Banana chilli ketchup is bottled and for sale. Cinema is installed – just gotta paint it up a bit and add some cool touches. It will be ready for the England/Belgium game on Thursday night. It’s free to book the seats and first come, first served for the Terraces (standing room at the back!)