Yes – it’s true. We’re having our own cinema. I don’t think Empire, Odeon or Cineworld need worry about their bottom lines but we think this may well be the coolest space to watch your fave films. 15 exclusive seats (1930’s art deco style) – we’ll have a 20 minute interval halfway through each showing. During which you can either make your way to the bar or have drinks and food delivered!

The schedule is being dreamed up as I write by our resident film buffs but will be based around these showings;

Wednesday evenings at 7pm

Sunday – 1st showing- for kids – at 10am. (Brunch starts at 930 so parents can have a lush breakfast and read the papers whilst their lil’ darlings soak up a classic). Kids meals can be served and eaten in the cinema!

Sunday – 2nd showing – again, for kids – at midday. (Lunch starts at 12). As above – kids meals can be served & eaten in the cinema.

Sunday evening wind down – adults only (not like that!) main event starts at 6pm (should be done by 8pm ish)

The cinema will be available for private showings, kids parties, presentations and talks. Drop us an email to come down and see!