Hmmm, what’s coming up?

We’re looking to open in May and are planning a few events before then;

Thursday 22nd February – the kitchen garden area will have been ploughed and rotavated. And we’ll be laying out the beds and pathways! If you fancy a few hours of dirty garden fun then book this date in. Starting at 10am, bring wellies and mucky gear, we’ll lay on sandwiches and tea at lunchtime and a big ol’ chilli & beer sesh at 5 or ish. I need to make sure everyone coming has registered by emailing me on beforehand!! And we won’t even charge you for the pleasure!

Friday April 20th – something in the pub, probably charcuterie based, def wine and beer to be involved – the pub won’t be quite finished but then you can say you were in there first! This one will be a ticketed event folks.