We’re trying to put some pride into the service industry. It’s a bloody good job but generally has a negative perception – which we’ve found is putting off people coming into the industry.

We are looking to fill roles throughout the business and we’ll have the traditional positions available. So if you fancy a new challenge at a ground-breaking business  then send us an email with your cv or an email detailing why we should take you on.

The OTHER exciting thing we’re doing is setting up a 2 year apprenticeship for Front House and Back House staff – each with a tag-on year for those wanting a third year in the ‘other’ discipline (we think it’s REALLY important for  kitchen staff to have experience of front house service & vice versa).

The Apprenticeship will consist of 8 x 12 week stints (over 2 years) at a range of top quality establishments. It won’t be full of tick-box sheets, deadlines, essays or other guff but will be 100% hands-on with a post-stint appraisal with your manager at that particular establishment. This appraisal will be a standard form within the scheme and will provide the basis for your final certificate.

The advantage of this is that it covers a vast array of places within the industry – the common denominator being that they’re all TOP places and picked to give you the best possible start withing the industry. You’ll be paid a proper wage and accommodation will (mostly) be provided. Mail me! or call on 01473 780722.