Reopening Safely

The safety of our guests and of our staff is our over-riding priority at The Boot. In light of this, we believe that the procedures we have implemented, and which are outlined below, go above and beyond the government guidance. We hope you'll agree that they also preserve as much of the 'Boot Experience' as is reasonably practicable. Please familiarise yourself with the procedures before you arrive at The Boot.


We would encourage all diners to book a table in advance. We're taking bookings now for the 4th July onwards by phone. We won't allow the pub to become more crowded than is safe. So, whilst we will welcome guests who haven't booked or who'd just like a drink, unfortunately we may need to turn some of them away if we get too crowded.

Track & Trace

To comply with government rules, we will be requesting the names and contact details of all of our guests, both diners and drinkers, which we will keep for a period of 21 days in accordance with GDPR.

We ask that customers email contact details of all members of their party to   Please put the date of your visit in the header and the number in the party, the name, phone number and email address (if applicable) of each party member in the body of the email. Drinkers and diners who haven't made a booking will also be required to send an email upon arrival before they enter the pub, so please remember to bring your mobile phone!

Menu & Kitchen

We've re-crafted the menu and we'll be using a professional outdoor kitchen (for as long as the weather obliges). This will be safer for staff and customers and will provide a great summer taste and atmosphere.

In order to speed up service, we are encouraging you to buy pitchers of beer and bottles, rather than glasses, of wine. Please remember to drink responsibly!


On arrival at The Boot, if their is a queue outside the front door, please join it, maintaining social distancing. Tape will be in place to assist you. If you see other members of your party already in the queue, please join them.

Guests will be greeted, from a safe distance, at the bar . We would like, if at all possible, to welcome a whole party/table together.

Please observe government guidelines regarding the size of your party. These state that groups of no more than 2 households are allowed to eat and drink indoors. Outdoors, again any number of people comprising just two households are allowed or, alternatively, up to 6 people from different households.

You will be asked to hand sanitise, will be served with your drinks, the new procedures will be explained to you and you will be directed to your table. There will be a separate area outside for non-diners. Only one party will be allowed into the bar area at a time and there will be no queuing indoors.


Menus will be displayed on blackboards throughout the inside and outside spaces.

The majority of our tables will be located outside, in the patio area (under cover), in the paddock  (some under cover, some not) or in the roundhouse (under cover). We will have some tables indoors (at safe distancing). Please specify your preference when booking and bring an umbrella if you think it may be necessary!

Drinks and food will be ordered by customers at the bar. All queuing will be outside at the rear of the pub at a distance of 2m or more. Guidance in the form of arrows and tape will be clearly visible. Only one member of each party will be allowed at the bar to order. When a guest orders food, they will be given a cleaned and sterilised 'buzzer' which will notify them when their food is ready. Payment will be taken at the bar when ordering. We are and always have been a cashless pub. Contact-less payment would be preferred.

The guest can then collect their party's food from a clearly signed collection point located between the outdoor kitchen and the steps up to the paddock. Sauces will be served in dishes with the meals and individually wrapped cutlery will be collected by the guests.

We believe these procedures to be safer than table service for both guests and staff. Serving staff will not be in close contact with food, drink, trays or customers and any queuing by guests will be outside at a safe distance of 2m.

Cleaning, sanitising and hand-washing

We have increased the regularity and depth of our normal cleaning regime.

The toilets will be 'deep-cleaned' daily and cleaned hourly by staff during opening times. Additionally, cleaning products and guidance notices will be available in each toilet and guests will be encouraged to clean toilets before and after they use them. Both paper towels and hand dryers will be available for use in the toilet areas. Notices will be clearly displayed advising on best hand-washing practices.

All tables and chairs will be cleaned before each guest uses them. Please, therefore, remain at the table you have been allocated.

We will, of course, have hand sanitisers available throughout the pub.

Other Safety precautions & procedures

All staff will be asked to wear masks or visors.

We've put in place a one-way system to guide guests around the inside and outside of the pub. We're sure you'll be used to this by now from visits to supermarkets etc.

In order to maximise ventilation, we will be keeping as many doors open within the building as possible. We would ask you not to close them. If you're too cold, please speak to a member of staff or, even better, consider taking an extra layer of clothing with you just in case.

If you bring your dog, please take extra care to ensure they are well-behaved in these circumstances and keep them on a lead at all times.

As all our guests will appreciate, we pride ourselves in being a family-friendly pub. As we've highlighted already, your safely is our major priority, so please ensure that children are closely supervised at all times.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

In accordance with government guidelines, we have conducted a detailed risk assessment prior to putting our coronavirus prevention control measures in place. A copy of the risk assessment is available to all staff members on our intranet site. Any members of the public who wish to see the document, please drop us an email and we will happily send you a copy as well.