We’re now on about the 6 week countdown to The Boot opening AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! So much to do still. But it’s looking pretty blummin’ good. I’ve whacked in loads of riven chestnut fencing, put some proper concrete posts in and slid the fence panels in between! And would you believe that nothing has fallen over yet?! Even in the light to moderate winds we’ve been suffering under.

We’ve got 12 beautiful Burford Brown hens (pullets) in – got two eggs yesterday with which I had a celebratory eggs-on-toast with. They’ll soon be gorging on gorgeous, rich leftovers from the kitchen. The Brahma cockerel didn’t know what had hit him… bless.

And we have a raven – apparently mum and dad have had something to do with the Harry Potter films.. Heard this morning from the Avian Bird Sex Testing Centre (yes, there is such a thing) that our Grippe is a girl! She’s only 6 weeks and has been following me around the kitchen garden, eating SO MUCH FOOD (liver and scrambled eggs. And now worms). Getting a proper flap-on now, so won’t be long before she’s flying – I have jesses, anklets, a leash and creance so will start her on short flights from a rail to my glove. Also gonna put in a proper aviary so she has a base (and not a perch next to my laptop).

Am doing a proper UK wide road trip this weekend – picking up an awesome greenhouse from up North – will fit a table of 20 so we can do groaning table buffets of all-awesome salads from our own garden. And, also super coolly, I have 10 gewurztraminer vines to plantĀ  – half to go around the greenhouse, half around the terrace & herb garden. Call me a heathen but that’s my fave wine – so will try my damndest to knock out some homebrew Gewurz in a coupla years!

Got loads more but will save it for another post…


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