The Garden

Unfortunately, our garden has suffered a little bit this season. During lockdown, with our staff furloughed, it didn’t get the attention it needed – although naturally, we still took special care of our animals.

We’ve now redesigned the whole space and, with autumn being a good time to sow grass seed and put in bare-rooted trees and perennials, we’re closing on a Monday and Tuesday during the rest of October and November, to focus on preparing the gardens. We will be open 7 days a week again from December in time for the holiday season. As for the garden, we’ll be moving some of our animals, including our new pot-bellied pigs, into the far end of the garden, next to the path, where they’ll be easier for our younger guests to see. The far corner of this area will become a small community allotment. We’ll be planting a mixture of brightly-coloured annuals and perennials in the middle of the garden along the ‘Bridal Walkway’ and the rest of the space will be used for growing produce for the kitchen. It will be split between a kitchen garden, as it was before, where we’ll be growing vegetables, herbs and soft fruit, and an orchard. Our asparagus bed is nearly 2 years old now, so will be ready for cropping next year. The orchard will have a great mixture of fruits which, of course, will eventually feature on our desert menu.