It’s now early March and as promised, I’ve managed to do hardly any bloggy bits. The snow only managed to mildly disrupt progress at The Boot – the building has been roofed and watertight for a few weeks now – plasterers and electricians seem to be working well together and the upstairs is almost done. Chasing BT and other suppliers to see if we can’t boost the broadband to a little more than the equivalent of two tin cans and a ball of string.

20 tonnes of organic mushroom compost were delivered by Capel Mushrooms last Thursday, Peter & Dom started distributing it over the field and we’ve marked out the greenhouse & duck pond. Couple more days on the wheelbarrow & shovel and I’ll be rotavating it all in and marking out the beds. Our fab heritage pear & apple trees are heeled in and waiting for an espalier frame before moving to their permanent home. The hedging whips are arriving next week as, fingers crossed, are a lorry load of chestnut cleft rails & posts. Got a busy fortnight ahead and need to get cracking on it as there are only a few weeks left of not being able to do anything in the main building.

Cinema seats have arrived as well which I’m super excited about – 3 rows of 1930’s cinema seat so far – one from Southwold, one from Gt Yarmouth and one from Paris.

GM position has been advertised and I’m wading through a bunch of applicants this week. Ketchup labels are designed & printed already, bottles are waiting to be filled. Rocket pizza oven, hot smoker all in the design phase and am admiring some dang fine* coffee machines (*expensive).

Still looking for a May opening. If you haven’t already please subscribe to the newsletter – details of opening, the offering, menu, animals and so on will be mailed out in the not too distant future.

Mike, March 2018

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