The Freston Boot is open!

Maaaan. I really wanted to open when we had everything totally ready to be shown off. But hey ho, it’s still a little building site-y. What canya do? So WE’RE OPEN! A few finishing touches outside – paving, a sign…… and we’re done/ The comments back so far have been incredible – all the staff have been so behind The Boot and we already have frequently returning customers. Sheep (2 Hebridean ewes and an Icelandic ram) are well at home in the wedding paddock and are saving me lawnmower petrol already. Grippe the raven has had a few adventures but is flying really well. And returning (most of the time). Chickens and ducks are all laying eggs like crazy and the scotch eggs they’re contributing to are super popular on the bar. Banana chilli ketchup is bottled and for sale. Cinema is installed – just gotta paint it up a bit and add some cool touches. It will be ready for the England/Belgium game on Thursday night. It’s free to book the seats and first come, first served for the Terraces (standing room at the back!)

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