Why we are ‘cashless’

We made the bold move of opening as the first cashless pub in the UK and heres why…

  • Ensures we save time that would be taken to drive into a town to pay in cash and get change (3-4 times a week), this in turn saves on transport costs and helps the environment
  • It is better for the environment with less vehicles on the road transport cash from business to business
  • Lower insurance premiums due to no cash held on the site
  • Lower risk of theft due to no cash held on the site
  • Lower staff costs due to not having to complete a manual cash up every day – reduces management time by atleast 1 hour each day
  • It is the way forward, a lot of people now don’t carry cash

Reducing these running costs by being cashless in turn ensures we can keep our prices competitive & this is a plus for you, our customers!