Our great outdoors

We have plenty of outdoor space for drinking, dining and partying whatever the weather. You can eat inside our giant ti-pi, sit under our sail blind or experience private dining in our hobbit-friendly Roundhouse.

We are lucky to have a fantastic kitchen garden. This means that you’ll be eating loads of our fresh, homegrown produce when dining with us. Fresh, homegrown food is a passion of ours. We’ve added an orchard between the main dining garden and the animal trail, which we hope will eventually supply us with our own apples, pears and cherries.

We also have our own beehives in the wildflower meadow and our pond is home to Suffolk’s only native duck – Appleyards.

The duck pond is at the start of our Animal Trail, which is always popular with our younger guests, who can get ‘up and close’ to some of our 4-legged friends.
George & Eric, our resident goats, are next door to a couple of lovely lady potbellied pigs. You’ll probably be able to hear our turkeys and our wonderful native Suffolk ducks.

Say hi to our chickens who, if you’re dining with us, might have helped to supplied you with your meal! Finally, we have three sheep – an Icelandic ram and two Hebridean ewes. You’ll find them grazing in the wedding paddock – that’s up at the top of the hill, just past the pétanque piste.

Please remeber though to make sure that your children thoroughly wash their hands if they’ve been round the animal trail.